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Amy Chang

Amy Chang (they/them) is a K-12 math coach and an educational consultant specializing in helping educators turn their classrooms into thinking classrooms. They are a dynamic educator who has been cultivating curiosity, agency, and joy in students, educators, and leaders for over twenty years. 


As an official member of the Building Thinking Classrooms (BTC) professional development team, Amy has facilitated a wide range of professional learning experiences and consulted for districts seeking direction and inspiration.  Amy is a leader comfortable with designing organizational change, assessing district-level programming, and implementing focused initiatives.  They have extensive experience coaching K-12 teachers and leaders to launch and sustain thinking classrooms.  Amy has also evaluated the impact of BTC implementation through assessment data, teacher interviews, and student reflections.  In their workshops and presentations, Amy uses the BTC research and practices to encourage teachers to step more solidly into the role of facilitator, to share power with their students, and to make space for all students to share their brilliance.  


Amy has been an educator in public schools for over 20 years. They are an adjunct faculty member for the Math Leadership Graduate Program at Mount Holyoke College, and serve on the board of directors for the Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Massachusetts.  Amy shares their expertise through presentations at conferences including NCTM, The Global Math Department, and the Building Thinking Classrooms Conference. In all that they do, Amy is driven by a vision of guiding educators from awareness to action and fostering math classrooms that engage and empower all learners.

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