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Maegan Giroux is a dedicated mathematics instructional coach, specializing in supporting teachers in grades K-8. She firmly believes in the power of growth mindset, productive struggle, and Thinking Classrooms to foster optimal learning environments. Throughout her career, she has provided guidance to educators in over 60 classrooms across diverse demographics as they establish their own thinking classrooms. Currently pursuing her master's thesis at the University of Regina, she is deeply passionate about disrupting power dynamics within mathematics classrooms. Alongside her academic pursuits, Maegan is also working on an upcoming book, "Building Thinking Math Tasks K-5," with esteemed educator Peter Liljedahl. With her unwavering commitment to empowering both teachers and students, Maegan Giroux is making significant strides in advancing math education.


Twitter: @MaeganGiroux

Maegan Giroux

When Aleda first learned about Building Thinking Classrooms, she was a consultant with the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB), supporting mathematics teachers at adapting their instructional and assessment practices. When she returned to a school as a classroom teacher, she committed to implementing the thinking classroom practices. She found her classes buzzed with energy, thinking and questions; students developed relationships with, and discovered strengths in, each other. Throughout the next four years, Aleda embraced these practices fully, and she worked with colleagues, both informally and formally, to nuance them to meet the needs of individual students and adapt them to subjects beyond math, even when instruction took place remotely. 


When the Grade 9 Destreamed Math (MTH1W) curriculum in Ontario was released in 2021, Aleda worked in a hybrid role: teaching MTH1W and coaching teachers in WRDSB. She witnessed teachers’ excitement and students’ learning as more math classrooms became spaces that invited and elicited more student thinking through the routines, set-up and teacher moves that were being used. Throughout this time, Aleda shared regularly on social media about what she was doing in her classes along with the resources she and colleagues were co-developing. These resources, implemented through a thinking classroom approach, continue to be used across Ontario. Her sketchnotes that make explicit the ways in which thinking classroom practices work towards equity have also been used widely.


In Aleda’s current role as a consultant with WRDSB, she works with a team to support destreamed curriculum implementation as well as literacy and numeracy secondary classrooms, including grades 7 and 8. When teachers participate in professional learning sessions that she facilitates, they find themselves standing, in random groups, experiencing tasks that elicit thinking (in a range of subjects). They leave having reflected on their experiences, energised to apply their learning to their own practice. She is an experienced facilitator in both workshop and classroom-embedded learning spaces, who is passionate about engaging adult learners in meaningful experiences and conversations about teaching and student learning.


Aleda was a recipient of the 2019 Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence in STEM. She has also presented, and facilitated workshops, at various conferences, often connected to Building Thinking Classrooms, including Ontario Association of Mathematics Education (OAME) (2019, 2022, 2023) and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) (2019, 2023). Her most recent workshop at OAME 2022 and upcoming workshop at NCTM’s Annual Conference 2024 is titled, “Blending Thinking Classrooms and The 5 Practices to Increase and Sustain Students’ Thinking.” At OAME 2024, she will be a featured speaker.


Aleda looks forward to working with school districts in their learning about building thinking classrooms.


Twitter: @aledaklassen

Aleda Klassen

Dr. Judy Larsen, an educational consultant and associate professor at the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV), is an avid advocate for Building Thinking Classrooms (BTC). Her BTC journey began in 2013 under Peter Liljedahl's guidance. At UFV, she has effectively implemented BTC practices with pre-service teachers, both at elementary and secondary levels, as well as adult learners returning to learning secondary level mathematics. Her dedication to enhancing student learning experiences has garnered her recognition, including the D2L Innovation Award in Teaching from STLHE and the Teaching Excellence Award at UFV. Beyond UFV, she delivers talks and workshops on BTC across Canada and abroad to both K-12 teachers as well as post-secondary instructors. Judy’s commitment to the BTC framework is driven by her view on how profound an impact it has on engaging learners, promoting inclusivity, and reshaping the narrative surrounding mathematics education. 


As a distinguished researcher and practitioner, she specializes in exploring learner experiences in BTC, decolonizing mathematics classrooms, and designing effective teacher professional development strategies that allow for sustainable professional learning. Her expertise is further enriched by her extensive experience with shadowing and collaborating with Peter across settings, collaborative research endeavors, and immersive experiences in K-12 classrooms. Judy continually advances her role as an educator and leader by bridging theory and practice, and traversing across educational contexts. She also takes keen interest in customizing workshops and presentations to cater to various needs and themes. 


Website:     Twitter: @JudytaLarsen

Judy Larsen

Christine is a highly skilled and passionate Math Consultant who specializes in using differentiation to transform traditional classrooms into dynamic thinking environments. With 20 years of teaching experience in the middle years’ mathematics classroom and 10 years of experience as a Numeracy Coach in K – 9 classrooms, Christine’s extensive experience has allowed her to master the implementation of BTC, working alongside teachers in diverse classroom settings. 


Christine has facilitated interactive professional development sessions, workshops and seminars that have empowered educators to rethink their teaching practices and foster a culture of mathematical thinking within their classroom. She has successfully spearheaded the implementation of Building Thinking Classrooms in numerous schools and districts, offering valuable insights and guidance to educators and administrators.


Twitter: @CMichalyshen

Christine Michalyshen

“Quite legitimately, the best PD I have ever had. Annette is incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, and enthusiastic about teaching math. She has revolutionized the way I conceive of teaching mathematics to elementary students.” (2022 NCTM Baltimore, attendee)

Annette is proud to be the first-ever elementary teacher accepted into the Mathematics Education Doctoral program at Simon Fraser University. She was invited to study with Dr. Peter Liljedahl after completing her Master's degree under his tutelage. Her Ph.D. thesis focused on tension in implementing a Building Thinking Classroom (BTC) and was a culmination of her extensive experience supporting teachers in implementing BTC. Prior to her graduate studies, she taught elementary school for ten years and was a District Lead Teacher in both technology and differentiated instruction. Annette holds teaching credentials in Alberta and British Columbia and has also taught both inservice and preservice teachers at the undergraduate and graduate levels.


Since first meeting Peter at a BTC session in 2011, Annette has herself led numerous Building Thinking Classroom workshops in Canada and the United States. She has also collaborated with Peter on many research projects involving BTC and has been part of its evolution from its initial conception many years ago to the robust practices it comprises today. She continues to utilize its practices both in her elementary teaching and in her university teaching.


Twitter: @annetterouleau

Annette Rouleau

Pierre Tranchemontagne, an educator for over 15 years, is currently a grade 7 and 8 mathematics and science classroom teacher at Carrefour Jeunesse in Rockland, Ontario working on building a Thinking Classroom within the context of his students, school and community. 


Over a number of years, as a school board wide mathematics lead, Pierre and his colleagues worked closely with Peter Liljedahl to develop and lead professional learning about the Thinking Classroom framework. Within traditional PD settings and also in classroom embedded, collaborative learning settings, Pierre worked along-side teachers from grades 1 to 8 and with school-based math leads to implement the pedagogical practices put forward by Peter’s work.


Aside from Building Thinking Classrooms, Pierre’s current thinking revolves around teacher education pedagogies and mathematical knowledge for leadership. 


Twitter: @Pierre_Tranche


Pierre Tranchemontagne, éducateur depuis plus de 15 ans, est un enseignant des mathématiques et des sciences en 7e et 8e année à l’école Carrefour Jeunesse à Rockland en Ontario. Il travaille à résoudre le problème de développer une classe collabo-réflexive (“Thinking Classroom”) à l’intérieur du contexte de ses élèves, de son école et de sa communauté.


Au cours de plusieurs années en tant que conseiller pédagogique, Pierre et ses collègues ont travaillé en étroite collaboration avec Peter Liljedahl pour développer et mener l’apprentissage professionnel au sujet de la classe collabo-réflexive (“Thinking Classroom”). Par l’entremise de journées de perfectionnement professionnel traditionnels ainsi que par le biais d’apprentissage collaboratif intégré en salle de classe, Pierre a travaillé aux côtés d’enseignants de la 1re à la 8e année et avec des leaders des mathématiques en milieu scolaire pour mettre en œuvre les pratiques pédagogiques mises de l’avant par le travail de Peter Liljedahl.


En plus de la classe collabo-réflexive (“Building Thinking Classrooms”), Pierre est également intéressé à la pédagogie de formation des enseignants (andragogie) ainsi qu’aux connaissances nécessaires pour le leadership en mathématiques.


Twitter: @Pierre_Tranche

Pierre Tranchemontagne

Kyle Webb is a dedicated Numeracy Learning Consultant based in Regina, Saskatchewan with a passion for transforming mathematics education. Armed with a background in teaching grades 6 through 12 and a Master’s degree in Educational Technology and Instructional Design, Kyle has embarked on a mission to reshape the way we teach. 


Kyle serves as a catalyst for change in traditional mathematics classrooms. In his role as a Numeracy Consultant, he has spearheaded the successful implementation of Building Thinking Classrooms and played a pivotal role in integrating outcomes-based reporting within his school division. His focus extends far beyond theory; he has directly supported the implementation of Thinking Classrooms with hundreds of teachers and has equipped them with the tools and strategies to transform their teaching practice. His teaching methods ignite the curiosity of students, but more importantly inspire fellow educators to reimagine their pedagogical strategies. 


In addition to delivering Building Thinking Classrooms workshops, Kyle has engaged broader audiences of educators and educational leaders alike at a variety of conferences. Recently, he has delivered presentations at OAME 2023, SUM 2Building 3, and STLinSTL 2023 where he shared his unique experiences and perspectives surrounding Thinking Classrooms. 


Kyle is not merely a proponent of change; he is a driving force behind it. His unwavering dedication to enhancing mathematics education continues to shape the future of learning in Saskatchewan and beyond. With a proven track record, ongoing professional development, and a steadfast commitment to advancing mathematics education, Kyle is a trailblazer in teaching mathematics. 

Twitter: @webbkyle

Kyle Webb

With almost 4 decades of experience in the field, Jerrold has dedicated his career to promoting innovative teaching methods and fostering a love for deep learning among students. Throughout his career, Jerrold Wiebe has held various positions in education, including classroom teacher, curriculum advisor, district consultant and now as a BTC consultant. Working in these diverse experiences have provided him with a holistic understanding of the educational landscape and the challenges faced by both educators and students. His journey has included many wonderful opportunities for professional growth and development.


Jerrold has developed and written curriculum and co-authored both math and science student texts. Shortly after acquiring his Masters in Education, Jerrold was asked to join the faculty at the University of Manitoba as a sessional instructor. His expertise in math education has opened doors for him to present and work around the globe including his current work as a mathematics and numeracy consultant for a charter school in Brasilia, Brazil.


Jerrold began his journey with BTC in 2015. Since then, and in partnership with Peter, he has shared his expertise and experiences with countless classrooms in Canada and abroad. Jerrold's passion to help teachers with the BTC framework is a natural fit to his goal of helping teachers and students have better experiences in the math classroom.


Twitter @Jerroldwiebe 

Jerrold Wiebe

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