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Kyle Webb

Kyle Webb (he/him) is a dedicated Mathematics Learning Consultant based in Regina, Saskatchewan with a passion for transforming mathematics education. Never satisfied with the status quo, he continuously seeks to improve educational practices, explore innovation, and connect with others to enhance student learning.

Kyle serves as a catalyst for change in mathematics classrooms. With experience teaching grades 6 through 12 and holding a Master’s degree in Educational Technology and Instructional Design, he has spearheaded the successful implementation of Building Thinking Classrooms and played a pivotal role in integrating outcomes-based reporting within his school division. His approach extends far beyond theory, as he has directly supported the implementation of Thinking Classrooms with hundreds of teachers, equipping them with the tools and strategies needed to transform their teaching practices. Kyle's methods not only ignite the curiosity of students but also inspire fellow educators to reimagine their pedagogical strategies.

In addition to delivering Building Thinking Classrooms workshops, Kyle has engaged broader audiences of teachers and educational leaders at various conferences, sharing his unique experiences and insights on Thinking Classrooms, teaching math, and assessment. He also hosts and produces the Think Thank Thunk podcast, where he explores BTC and extends its reach to a global audience. Committed to ongoing professional development, Kyle's unwavering dedication to advancing mathematics education continues to shape the future of learning in Saskatchewan and beyond.

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