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Maegan Giroux

Maegan Giroux (she/her) is a dedicated instructional coach, specializing in supporting teachers in grades K-8. In her coaching role, she walks alongside teachers as they implement various literacy and numeracy initiatives. Maegan is also a kindergarten and grade 6/7 mathematics teacher and firmly believes in the power of growth mindset, productive struggle, and Thinking Classrooms to foster optimal learning environments.


Throughout her career, she has provided guidance to educators in over 60 classrooms across diverse demographics as they establish their own thinking classrooms. Maegan is also a part of the BTC Canada team where she travels across North America to deliver workshops and talks about Building Thinking Classrooms. Currently pursuing her master's thesis at the University of Regina, she is deeply passionate about disrupting power dynamics within mathematics classrooms. Alongside her academic pursuits, Maegan is also working on an upcoming book, "Building Thinking Math Tasks K-5," with esteemed educator Peter Liljedahl. 

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