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Jerrold Wiebe

BTC Team Member, Canadian Consultant

Jerrold Wiebe (he/him) is dedicated to making mathematics, mathematical thinking, and problem-solving accessible to all. With four decades of teaching and consulting experience across early, middle, and senior years mathematics in Canada and internationally, as well as experience as a university instructor, Jerrold has developed a holistic understanding of the educational landscape and the challenges faced by both educators and students. He is committed to fostering a deep and rich understanding of mathematics in students, aiming to create fluid and flexible thinkers who can successfully navigate multimodal representation and expression.

A strong and passionate advocate for Thinking Classrooms, Jerrold has worked with Peter Liljedahl since 2015. He has collaborated with hundreds of teachers across Canada and abroad, helping them effectively implement the 14 practices of the BTC framework through keynotes, school or district PD workshops, residencies, and coaching sessions.

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