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Pierre Tranchemontagne EN

BTC Team Member, Canadian Consultant

Pierre Tranchemontagne (he/him), an educator for over 15 years, is currently a grade 7 and 8 mathematics and science classroom teacher at Carrefour Jeunesse in Rockland, Ontario. He is working on the problem of building a Thinking Classroom within the context of his students, school and community.

Over the course of a number of years as a school board wide mathematics lead, Pierre and his colleagues worked closely with Peter Liljedahl to develop and lead professional learning about the Thinking Classroom framework. Within traditional PD settings and also in classroom embedded, collaborative learning settings, Pierre worked along-side teachers with school-based math leads to implement the pedagogical practices put forward by Peter’s work.

Aside from Building Thinking Classrooms, Pierre’s current thinking revolves around teacher education pedagogies and mathematical knowledge for leadership.

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